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                     What are Gel Nails ?
                 Gel nails are hypo-allergenic and odor-free.  
                         Like a coat of armor for your nails 
                 The luminous shine is absolutely amazing!
A gel nail service  is a permanent gel coating applied to your own nails, or sculpted, creating a strong, thin natural looking nail.
Gels do not not contain Formaldehyde, gluteraldehyde, acids or acrylates.  
They are odorless, flexible like your own nails, and such a pleasure to wear.
I have visited many salons in and around the area to view what they are calling Gel Nails.  Many NSS (Non-Standard) salons today are selling a service called Powder-Gel.  While there is a product out there by Le-Chat, called Powder Gel, this is not a true authentic gel nail service. 
This is in fact another form of Acrylic Nails!.
Gel Nails are NEVER a powder sprinkled over your nail bed, and then a resin, or uv top coat applied. Furthermore, if your nail tech is dipping her brush in liquid and then the powder your still getting acrylic nails.
You know your getting a true gel nail service when your nail professional applies a 3 - 4 step application of a gel.
Each thin layer is UV Cured for 2 min.  or up to 30 sec in a LED
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