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BAREFOOT by LCN, a true breakthrough in cosmetic toenail correction made possible by the development of modern corrective materials.
Barefoot is highly effective for the treatment of toenail damage resulting from a number of means - trauma, fungal infection, poorly fitting footwear, even hereditary conditions. 
As the beauty industry’s only anti-mycotic, light-curing one component pedicure resin, barefoot is a means to restore the toenail partially or completely while providing an attractive cosmetic result.
Barefoot contains the ingredient Piroctone Olimine, a proven anti-fungal substance that is time released to keep working, even after the product is cured.
Due to the flexibility of barefoot the product adjusts to the movements of the nails and feet, thus feeling completely comfortable and natural. Available in shades any nail type and provide coverage for even the most unsightly nails.
Barefoot by LCN is truley an amazing product, for both Men and Women!
                    Receive your Barefoot Toenail Restoration  
                       in a private and comfortable setting.
        A Gel specially formulated for toe nails
    with an anti-fungal agent built right into the gel.
                   Barefoot Toenail Application 
                   Starting at $30
                   Lasts 6 - Weeks

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