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   Moisturizing Spa Manicure  $28
Remineralizing milk salts, exfoliating sugar scrub gently whisks away dry skin for optimal smoothness revealing healthy youthful hands.
A powerful mask of concentrated antioxidant vitamins helps skin recover from
dryness, and seals in the moisture. 
The treatment is topped off with a hand massage, nail grooming, and polish application.

  Buff ~N~ Polish
   *   *  *   *  *   *   * 
  Nail shaping, Cuticle Care,  
   Polish and  Hand Cream.
                  Gentlemens  Manicure
                    *  *  *  *  *  *  * *  *  *  *
Clean & neat is how your nails will look after our gentleman’s manicure.
Nails Trimmed, Filed & Buffed To a Handsome Finish.
Cuticles are moisturized
Hands are hydrated to seal in the moisture!
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