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What may seem like a simple matter to a younger, more flexible body — the act of cutting the toenails — can pose a big problem to seniors.
Proper Nail Care. 
Failure to trim nails properly can lead to ingrown toenails and various infections.  Toenails should be cut straight across to prevent the corners of the nail from growing into the skin.  File away any sharp edges.  If a toenail does become ingrown or infected, see a doctor who can care for it properly.  This is especially true for senior citizens with diabetes or anyone who is particularly vulnerable to infections on their feet.  Discolored or abnormally thick toenails may be a sign of a fungal infection.  If the discoloration or tenderness persists, speak to your doctor.
My senior clients just love to sit back, relax with a cup of tea, and enjoy a nice foot soak, and nail trimming. Afterwards a light foot rub.
                Senior Foot Soak & Trim    $25         
Im so glad I found Kim.  I brought my mother in to
get her toenails clipped, and she did such a wonderful job. Mom really enjoyed her mint foot soak, she said it made her feel so good.  The her studio was so clean, and smelled wonderful . I like that it is private, so I could just sit and relax with mom while she received her service.
Oh and the Organic Blueberry Green Tea was so delicious. Thanks!
Mom & I will be back.
Shannon, Olmsted Falls,  Ohio
I brought my Mom to Gel-Us Nail Studio a couple days ago.
Mom has a hard time getting around, so I thought I would
take here there because I heard Kim is very gentle, and does
a wonderful job.  I have to tell you, my mom just loved her
pampering foot care service.   Kim clipped her toenails, shaped
them up a bit.  and gave her a nice little massage.  Mom enjoyed
her foot bath too, it had a wonderful lavander smell that Mom
said made her feel so good.
Kim also educated me on some at home foot care that I could
do for Mom.  How Nice! 
Not Bad for $25  Worth Every Penny to see my mom so relaxed.
All Day Mom felt really good.
We will defiently be back next month!  
Thank You For Being So Caring to My Mom.
Fran P.  ~Strongsville Ohio
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